Mar 09

Odds for the ‘True Detective’ Finale

None are spoilers if you’ve watched the first seven episodes:

All the Way

For my birthday, my lovely wife took me to see Bryan Cranston as LBJ in “All the Way.” A couple things that stuck with me:

  1. Yes, Cranston has at least one scene where he screams at someone while wearing a button down shirt and his underwear.
  2. Cranston’s performance is a hell of a physical undertaking. The show is 3 hours long and he is yelling in just about every scene.
  3. Like ‘Lincoln,’ the story is about force of will and compromise. Cranston’s LBJ is wrestling with the limitations of the country: Seat one black person on the Mississippi Democratic delegation, and it shows you’re kowtowing to MLK, which shows that blacks are running the country now, goes the thinking of millions of Americans LBJ is worrying about. He is a man navigating ugly, ignorant forces, because they control reality.
  4. Contrary to ‘Lincoln,’ LBJ is just a son-of-a-bitch who happens to be on the right side of history when it comes to the Civil Rights Act. He has no self-awareness, no empathy, he is surrounded by toadies, and he’s certain no one will ever think of him as anything other than a son of a bitch. So he might as well get things done.

It was a very good play which unfortunately never contained his advice that, “If the circumstances make it such that you can’t fuck a man in the ass, then just peckerslap him."

Mar 04

High fashion

High fashion

Feb 28

The callbox has more of an ass.

The callbox has more of an ass.

Feb 26


Feb 22

“On my flight down there Richard Simmons was — I’m not making this sh*t up, dude — Richard Simmons was on that flight, heckling me the whole time down there. He finds out I’m doing this show on HBO and he asks me to go out to dinner with him and his manager. We go to this, I don’t know some crazy place, it was surreal. It’s like I’d never been to New Orleans and then I’m out with Richard Simmons. The next day I’m in the chair getting my hair bleached. It was so ridiculous.” —

Earlier this week I interviewed Charles Halford, the guy who played Reggie Ledoux on True Detective. He shared one hell of a great Richard Simmons story along the way. (via cajunboy)

RS walked up to our daughter in the lobby of The Monteleone and cooed, “Oh she looks just like a little mermaid.”

She was four and wearing stretch pants and no idea what to make of him or the comment. She looked to us for guidance and we had none.

Feb 21

Cheese, crackers, bourbon, True Detective off someone else’s HBOgo

Cheese, crackers, bourbon, True Detective off someone else’s HBOgo

Feb 20

What has two buttons open and is ready for Spring?

What has two buttons open and is ready for Spring?

“The combination of ceaseless innovation and low-wage drudgery makes Amazon the epitome of a successful New Economy company. It’s hiring as fast as it can—nearly thirty thousand employees last year. But its brand of creative destruction might be killing more jobs than it makes. According to a recent study of U.S. Census data by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, in Washington, brick-and-mortar retailers employ forty-seven people for every ten million dollars in revenue earned; Amazon employs fourteen.” — George Packer: Is Amazon Bad for Books?

Feb 19

Odd moment of transition: went for a run and listened to music, at which time I will typically fantasize about singing the song that’s playing in front of a suitably impressed audience. (I have twenty years if experience doing this.)

But during today’s run, I fantasized the songs were song by my daughters, acting as a White Stripes-style two-piece or an Oasis-style equal-leader setup.